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Oliberté - The First Fair Trade Shoes Brand

Imagine a shoe. It immediately draws your eye by it’s sleek and polished design. It’s beautifully hand-crafted with over 1,000 stitches, made with premium leather, and comes with a life-time warranty. Not only is the shoe’s aesthetic desirable, but it’s history adds even more to its appeal. Every aspect of the shoe from it’s rubber soles, the fabric tag, and the leather itself is made from locally-sourced and sustainable materials and it’s sold in eco-friendly packaging. The leather is not only tanned in the only facility in the world that has chrome-recycling, it’s also made from properly treated, free-range cows and goats raised hormone-free, naturally producing a premium-quality material. This shoe is even made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, the world’s first shoe factory to be so, and in buying it you are supporting a company which stands firmly for worker’s rights: ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and employing over half women.

Does this shoe sound too good to be true? Amazingly, it actually exists and the people at Oliberté are making it happen. Oliberté was started in 2009 as a means to create fair jobs in Africa and currently employs over 70 locals at their factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The heart of their company is to help the people of Africa, not by giving out aid, but by providing job opportunities to break generational cycles of poverty and encourage long-term growth.

Be apart of the story!

They believe in “empowerment, transparency, and doing right by all,” trying to be an outstanding company in every way possible. Their effort to respect their employees, the African continent, the planet, and their customers has led to a line of unparalleled and exceptional leather products from shoes to backpacks, wallets, and more, that can fit in to anyone’s style. Purchasing your own pair of Oliberté shoes supports the amazing people of Ethiopia in their effort to build better communities and encourages companies to follow after this remarkable model of sustainability in every area of their business. You won’t find a better shoe.

Oliberté - “because every purchase, every pair, every person matters.”

Want to know the people who made your Oliberté shoes or bag? Put faces and names to your purchase by going HERE

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