USA Made | Can I trust a Made In America tag?

“Made in America?” You already know what I’m about to say right? Sometimes we shy away from knowledge we don’t want to hear if it may cause guilt in our daily purchases and decisions. I must admit, I’ve been trying to deny the fact that I shouldn’t trust every brand that claims to be made in the USA. It’s just another problem out of the zillions of problems I already check for when I’m choosing to purchase or not purchase a certain product. Well I finally researched and it’s true, illegal sweatshops in America are still being discovered today. The problem didn’t end at the bankruptcy of American Apparel. But you know what, this shouldn’t scare us because detecting the social values of a company is seriously getting easier and easier.

This is why: if you’re buying a unique product from a small independently-run company, you can head to their website and see the company’s values and manufacturing process. If