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“Made in America?” You already know what I’m about to say right? Sometimes we shy away from knowledge we don’t want to hear if it may cause guilt in our daily purchases and decisions. I must admit, I’ve been trying to deny the fact that I shouldn’t trust every brand that claims to be made in the USA. It’s just another problem out of the zillions of problems I already check for when I’m choosing to purchase or not purchase a certain product. Well I finally researched and it’s true, illegal sweatshops in America are still being discovered today. The problem didn’t end at the bankruptcy of American Apparel. But you know what, this shouldn’t scare us because detecting the social values of a company is seriously getting easier and easier.

This is why: if you’re buying a unique product from a small independently-run company, you can head to their website and see the company’s values and manufacturing process. If things are being done right, they’re most definitely going to brag about that! On the flip side, if you’re strolling through Target and see a cheap product claiming to be made in America, I wouldn’t immediately trust it. Head to their site, there may be little to no transparency about how their products are made. There is actually a chance that only two elements of the product were made in America, and the rest made somewhere else. According to the Fair Trade Commission, the entire product must be sourced and assembled in the USA to claim “Made in America,” but recently many companies have been investigated and accused of falsely claiming this.

So why look for products that were made in America? If you have browsed through our brand directory recently, you may have noticed that if a brand claims “Made in the USA,” this is one of the first qualities listed on it’s description. Here’s three great reasons why:

  1. If a product was made in America and you live in America, the carbon footprint from shipping will be much, much smaller.

  2. It’s easier to regulate the ethics of a factory or workplace in America, therefore it’s easier to trust that your USA made product was made ethically.

  3. Buying USA made products boosts the economy, if you’re in to that kind of stuff.

Well since we’re chatting about this, I’ve got to mention our recent partnership with 337 Brand, stylish clothing made in the great NYC. Remember how I said you can tell if a brand has good values by scrolling through their site? 337 Brand clearly states their own values, manufacturing process, materials used, and sourcing locations.Their mission is to “strive for circularity where the products are made in a closed-loop system with bare minimum to zero waste.” They also use only sustainable materials including GOTS Certified organic cotton, they ship with eco-friendly packaging, and a tree is planted for every product sold! I’ve been sporting their two-piece shirt and skirt set around Santa Barbara, and love knowing its source. Need a good example of what to look for in a brand? Go check em out!

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