world changer sustainable christmas

all gift ideas below are ethical and sustainable, happy shopping.

frusack 3
world's best
produce sacks

Frusack has invented a produce bag that is plastic free and longer lasting than most. It's ethically made with corn starch, and it's our very favorite alternative to plastic bags. Perfect stocking stuffer for your eco-conscious friend. or a little nudge for the friend that's not.

Price: $7

back beat co.jpg
livin' easy socks

Backbeat Co. organic cotton socks are kinda the cutest. Pick a coastal Cali color and wear your life mantra on your ankles. If it's Backbeat it's ethical, check out the rest of their goodies while you're on the site.

Price: $20

waffle wool mittens

Waffle wool winter time baby! Waffle fabric isn't new news, but waffle mittens is fresh off the Everlane site. These mittens are ethically made and definitely a top gift pick for us. Soft, cute, unique and sustainable checks all our boxes. 

Price: $38

girlfriend belt bag

Owning anything from Girlfriend Collective will make one feel as if they are part of a girl power society. Girlfriend makes products from recycled water bottles and is known for their activewear, but your cool friend may already have a pair of Girlfriend leggings and now really needs a bum bag to match.

Price: $48

the good tee.jpg
natural dye kit by
the good tee

This is #1 on the list this year, a tye dye kit is a unique gift that will get any one excited because of the current hype on tye dye and upcycling old items. The kit comes with an organic cotton t-shirt and with yellow, orange, pink and purple made from sawdust, logwood chips, madder root and cochineal. 

Price: $45

handwoven rug
by tonlé

We're drooling over the designs by Tonlé because, well they're lovely, but they also are a completely zero waste company. They are actually carbon NEGATIVE as well. Find more rug designs and sizes on the site below for a pretty homey gift. All rugs are washable as well! 

Price: $75

the mad optimist 2.jpg
bath soak &
bar soap

The Mad Optimist is known for its fun style and customizable skincare product, and despite the low prices they use all clean ingredients. A spa day is a gift no one will be mad about.

Price: >$5

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blue planet eyewear.jpg
blue planet eyewear
blue light glasses

Another trending item on the market, and Blue Planet Eyewear provides transparent manufacturing and uses recycled ocean plastics in their frames. A super affordable gift, and here's a discount code as well.

Price: $19

Use code WORLDCHANGER20 for 20% off your purchase

mata traders 4.jpg
philo studs
by mata trader

Guys, girls want their jewelry fix but not from just any random company. Mata Traders jewelry is handcrafted at a fair trade artisan coopoerative in India. Pretty jewelry with a story, that's the one. (Oh and it's all affordable thank goodness)

Price: $24

Use code MATAWORLD for 10% off 1st purchase

parker clay 3.jpg
parker clay
laptop sleeve

Parker Clay offers two styles of laptop sleeves, and we guarantee you know a fella carrying around their laptop in a ten-year-old laptop sleeve that's due to be replaced. These are sustainably sourced leather made by artisans in Ethiopia.

Price: $36

Use code STOCKINGSTUFFER for 25% off

girlfriend 2.jpg
please recycle socks

Tell us you don't already have someone in mind that need these. Or possible you're the eco-freak because you're scrolling a sustainable christmas shopping guide. These recycled plastic statement socks come in chartreuse and white, and Girlfriend has some other cosy footwear options on the site.

Price: $14

maha hand towel by prana

This gift idea made ethically with soft suede recycled polyester for a yoga lover has got two thumbs up. Prana also offers full-size yoga towels and yoga straps to throw in to the gift bag. 


Price: $18

our place always pan nisolo.jpg
the always pan

Snagged this option off the Nisolo ethical marketplace, this gorgeous do-it-all pan is from a company called Our Place. It's ethically manufactured with non-toxic and nonstick and can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, serve, and store. You already know who needs this in their kitchen.

Price: $145

parker clay.jpg
the miramar

Parker Clay's signature product, the Miramar backpack, has been around for awhile and has stayed a top seller because of it's functionality, versatility, quality and incredible story. It's unique look also makes it fun to pick out in a crowd, Give the gift of the miramar backpack club and consider joining yourself while you're at it.

Price: $198

Image by Jakub Dziubak
parker clay
ethiopian coffee

Parker Clay has been building relationships and making an impact in Ethiopia through their famous leather goods. Now they're offering coffee, and I don't know about you but we think the gift of coffee is foolproof, especially if it's coffee that gives back.

Price: $18

Use code STOCKINGSTUFFER for 25% off

meow meow tweet.jpg
meow meow tweet skincare

Silly, quirky branding isn't all this company's worth. Meow meow tweet is world changer approved, which in the skincare realm means only the cleanest ingredients and transparent sourcing. Basically you're about to give the cutest stocking stuffer on the market.

Price: >$5

nisolo 4.jpg
nisolo jewelry

Dainty, classic, ethical jewelry: a gift that is no shot in the dark this Christmas. Simple gold jewelry is in right now, plus Nisolo knows how to do simple the right way. Browse the affordable options below!

Price: $16-$35

krochet kids.jpg
world's greatest beanie

Hopefully you've heard the Krochet Kids Intl. story already, because it's a shame if you haven't. In short, a couple surfer Cali kids traveled to Uganda, got inspired, and started a beanie company that empowers the artisan that makes AND hand-signs each beanie. Oh and no one can own too many beanies so there.

Price: $50

mata traders.jpg
ekobo baby feeding kit

Brace yourselves to hear how epic this dish kit is. Ekobo is a family-owned French lifestyle brand that uses unique sustainable materials and even created their own trademark sustainable material BIOBU®. This kit is made from FSC-certified bamboo collected as sawdust waste from chopstick factories. And yes, that new mom or dad you have in mind now can throw it all in the dishwasher.

Price: $23

Use code MATAWORLD for 10% off 1st purchase

terra thread.jpg
organic cotton

Terra Thread backpacks have been featured by us time and time again, for good reason of course. Friends and family have only raved about the durability, the comfort, and the fun colors to choose from and customize with pins and patches. For a fair trade certified and certified organic cotton bag, you can't beat the price either. 

Price: $49

Use code WORLDCHANGER for 15% off

outerknown 2.jpg
outerknown ECOTEC towel

Studies show most people in your life are carrying around a crappy old towel to the pool and beach. The 70s coastal vibes will spice up the room it's hanging in too, snag one before they go out of stock.

Price: $58

tonle 2.jpg
tonlé handwoven
pillow case

Choose neutrals or tasteful color to style up someone's space. These pillow covers are handmade with reclaimed linen and cotton and built to last.

Price: $68

pela case.jpg
pela case

Not gonna lie, we had no clue Pela now has printed and clear cases until a second ago. Tye dye, sunflowers, foliage, all the makings of a self-expressive and eco-friendly phone case. And they're always running deals so best to wait for one on their site.

Price: $35

windward goods 2 .jpg
windward goods tinctures

If you follow us on Instagram you've seen a few Windward promotions. We just love their mission and their product, and buying the hyped up CBD tincture (full-spectrum CBD) for a friend is a fun new way to go this holiday season.



Price: $80

Use code GIVEWELL25 for 25% off purchase

Image by Chandra Oh
annmarie kit

Just to let you in on a little secret, Annmarie provides the majority of several of our team members' skincare routines. Annmarie skin products are made with simple clean ingredients only, yet still packed with rich dense healing properties. The kits are a great gift to get a friend on the right skincare track this coming year.


Price: $190-$232

everlane 2.jpg
everlane beanie

Everlane sources through ethical factories and is rapidly growing their selection of sustainable fabrics. Now their site is sustainable beanie heaven, pick from merino wool, italian wool and cashmere. Nippy weather doesn't scare us.

Price: $35-$65

la relaxed.jpg
TENCEL™ pajamas

A silky, sustainable surprise for anyone that likes sleep. We're obsessed with LA Relaxed sleepwear and loungewear, not only because they're soft as clouds, but because they're ethically made in LA out of materials with less of an impact on the environment. Such a win-win.

Price: $72

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cabin blanket

If you haven't checked recently, the famed tree-planting company Tentree doesn't just have t-shirts now. This cabin blanket is 50% wool, 50% recycled polyester, and 100% cosiness joy. The constellation design is one of three designs selling out quick, just a warning.

Price: $83

blue storm pinch bowls, set of 3

These dishwasher and microwave safe bowls are handmade by the founder of Tonlé. The nesting pinch bowls are perfect for salts, spices and sauces, with a hand-painted interior and a raw ceramic exterior. 

Price: $48

mata traders los poblanos.jpg
los poblanos lavender hand sanitzer gel

Shop on the Mata Traders website and throw a few more gifty things in the cart. Los Poblanos creates hand-crafted artisan products with a business model dedicated to sustainable agriculture, hospitality, historic preservation, and community surrounding Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.

Price: $18

Use code MATAWORLD for 10% off 1st purchase

primally pure.jpg
primally pure bundle

Skincare junkies will do a happy dance for serums paired with a jade roller. Primally Pure bundles start at $18 and have plenty of options to match with. Trust, a holistic skincare gift instead of the usual Bath & Body Works fruity stuff will result in sighs of relief.

Price: >$18

everlane silk bandana

This silk bandana is from Everlane's 100% Human collection and donates a portion of profits to human rights. It's made of their signature clean silk and is super versatile. But please, tell your gift recipient to tie in their hair because that is such a look.

Price: $28

outerknown 3.jpg
the blanket shirt

As Outerknown puts it, "Give a damn about our planet, give a damn about the gifts you give." The blanket shirt is Outerknown's top-selling product, not a shocker to us knowing that surfers aren't the only ones in need of a thick soft hug in the morning.

Price: $148

ten thousand villages sustainable and fair trade hats, wool hats, beanies, baseball caps, wide brim hats, sun hats, bucket hats
ten thousand villages

If you've been around for a few years, you'll think we're starting to get repetitive. But once again we're telling you to do your christmas shopping at Ten Thousand Villages because all items are affordable, empowering the artisans that made them, we've got a killer coupon code, and you can find just about anything on their site. Just look.


Use code WORLDCHANGER25 for 25% off any regular item

the atlas sweatpant

363 liters of water saved + 1.16 kg of CO2 kept from the atmosphere + half organic cotton + half recycled polyester. Tentree's popular sweatpants make sense for camping life and for every other day too. Shop sustainable, make it a gift and plant ten trees. That's a whole lotta multitasking

Price: $68

solar camping light from outerknown

We'll speak for all camping fanatics, new unique camping gear is the most exciting gift for an outdoorsy person. A solar powered light will come in handy and is fun for the porch, check out other great accessories from the Outerknown site as well.

Price: $30

ethical leather belt

If you've dabbled in the ethical fashion world for a while you've probably heard of Nisolo. We think they are truly a special company, known for making goods in their own factory in Peru where they pay living wages to workers.


Price: $40

malia designs.jpg
recycled feed bag
beach tote

Malia Designs makes totes, beach bags, and wallets from recycled feed bags. The tote bag is extra large, lightweight, and water resistant. Empower the artisans and impress your earth conscious recipient with this colorful gift. 

Price: $34

Use code WORLDCHANGER for 10% off

terra thread 2.jpg
organic mesh bag

Friends don't let friends take tacky advertisement reusable bags to the grocery store. Terra Thread's mesh bag has many practical uses and is fair trade certified and certified organic cotton. Why settle for reusable bags that ironically hurt the environment in their production?

Price: $15

Use code WORLDCHANGER for 15% off