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the world changer internship.

Not just an internship, but a passionate community to grow and make a difference with.

  • Meet weekly in person or online, and keep a flexible schedule by choosing when to complete tasks throughout the week.

  • Learn tools like Wix Creator, Pinterest, video editing and more.

  • Sip on coffee and share with us all the updates, sustainable or not sustainable related.

  • Six hours a week commitment, for three months.

  • Be involved in videoshoots.

  • Help steward the earth.

  • Help consumerism take a turn.

  • Book club! explore the perspective of a master-rester as we read through Garden City by John Mark Comer together.

  • Experience teaching others your skills.

  • If on island, get involved in local events.

apply here!

Why are you interested in interning with us? Click all that apply:

Este não é apenas mais um estágio... junte-se a uma comunidade apaixonada para crescer e fazer a diferença enquanto ajuda os consumidores a tomar melhores decisões de compra. Ajude-me a alcançar mais pessoas com meu site e compartilhar mais marcas que são boas para o nosso planeta!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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