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a better way to do laundry, sip coffee, and get shit done

honolulu, hi

We all have to do it, and yet the way we do our laundry hasn't changed for decades. Laundromats are still ungodly, machines are still 

save water

Absolute Laundry Systems machines sense the weight of your load to add the precise amount of water needed, saving around 30% of water per load.

save gas

Innovative technology saves gas by drying your load quicker with a 450 G spin and a reverse drying cylinder. The machine then senses when your load is dry to prevent wasted energy

save time

An overall quicker wash & dry cycle will save you time, and the ALS texting feature sends you texts when the laundry cycle is complete, leaving you just enough time for a cup of organic coffee or a quick errand in the heart of Honolulu.

clean better

Machines feature technologies like reverse drying for tangle-free and even drying, low temperature tumbling to keep your load wrinkle-free until you return, 

Tiny plastic microfibers are being leaked into our oceans through washing synthetic fabrics, which are then being consumed by ocean animals and us. Guppyfriend Washing Bags were created to capture microfibers to be disposed of properly, and will be available for use when washing synthetic materials.

coffee is served. start knocking out the to-do list while sipping on organic, fair trade coffee from a glass or a biodegradable to-go cup.


Got it!

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