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One vote, one purchase, one person. it's easy to feel these can't make a difference in the big scheme of things. Well look around, we ARE making a difference. People are standing up against corruption and the world is changing. You can be apart. Here's the deal, fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. There are major problems with pollution and workers' rights, and these problems need our attention to change.


Choosing ethical and environmentally-responsible brands makes an impact in sustaining the earth and keeping working conditions safe and acceptable around the world. The mission of World Changer Co. is to introduce you to great shopping options that include clothing brands, coffee, chocolate, cosmetics, and more. If we care about these problems, we can actually make a huge impact on lives around the world with each purchase we make. We are a small team of gals putting our creativity and knowledge together to give you this site. It's a place for you to learn about our favorite brands to support and our favorite items to shop. Visit often, subscribe below to stay up to date, and check out the team here:


Rosalie is the founder of World Changer Co. She loves inspiring others to make sustainable choices, she's pretty much addicted to burritos, and in her spare time she surfs the North Shore breaks of O'ahu


Sarah runs the Pinterest and creates our IG brand highlight stories. She is a nurse by day, and a BEAST in the kitchen by night inspiring others to choose sustainable and wholesome ingredients always.


Sharmaine runs our Facebook and weekly Motivation Mondays on Instagram. She is currently studying environmental science at NAU. Shar also likes dog memes and figuring out how to save the world from climate change doom.


Julia is a content creator and puts together our Thrifted Thursdays on Instagram. As you can guess, she is an avid thrifter and a total fashion icon at her high school, Providence, in Santa Barbara. Count on Jules to bring the energy any day. 


Madelyn our muse is a barista with a passion to make the world a better place. She is currently residing on O'ahu and dreaming up her very own nonprofit to run one day. Catch her surfing and skating when she's not serving up lattes.


Maddie is a content creator and our skincare and cosmetics tester, providing real reviews of clean companies. When she's not snuggling with her dachshund Zion she is doing one of the other zillion things she is talented at.



Don't be shy. Comments, questions and criticism are welcome here.​

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