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the world changer internship.

Not just an internship, but a passionate community to grow and make a difference with.

  • Meet weekly in person or online, and keep a flexible schedule by choosing when to complete tasks throughout the week.

  • Learn tools like Wix Creator, Pinterest, video editing and more.

  • Sip on coffee and share with us all the updates, sustainable or not sustainable related.

  • Six hours a week commitment, for three months.

  • Be involved in videoshoots.

  • Help steward the earth.

  • Help consumerism take a turn.

  • Book club! explore the perspective of a master-rester as we read through Garden City by John Mark Comer together.

  • Experience teaching others your skills.

  • If on island, get involved in local events.

apply here!

Why are you interested in interning with us? Click all that apply:

I created World Changer Co. to help consumers make better buying decisions. Now, it's used and loved all over the world, and there still is no tool like it that exists. I've created this internship program to help the site reach more people and

share more brands, but I also want it to be a way to make friends and relate over goals, passions, and and whatever the heck we want.  -Rosalie

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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