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Think Consciously | Even with your skin.

What do you check the ingredients of?

In your food is most likely all you do, or maybe your clothes to find the material that you like.

Have you ever thought to genuinely look at the ingredient list in your skin care and beauty products like you do your foods?

I sure hadn’t. I had never even once thought of looking at what I put ON my skin, although I like trying to put wholesome items into my body. I know lots of the foods we eat have processed, fake and harmful ingredients in them. It’s well known that the more natural, chemical-free foods we eat the better! Wouldn’t it make sense that what we put on our bodies impacts us as well? The skin is a delicate tissue and our largest organ, it absorbs whatever gets on it. So why are we putting on harmful chemicals and letting that get inside our bodies?

There are consequences for the products we use. There’s a reason we’re seeing high rates of allergies, cancer, infertility, early-onset puberty and pre-term birth. This is a big deal. Why? Because many of us have assumed that if a product is on the shelf, it is safe. I assumed this! This is completely inaccurate though. Did you know that in North America, companies do not have to disclose the ingredients of their new products to Health Canada until 10 days AFTER the product has been introduced to the market? There is virtually no regulation on terms like “natural’ or “botanical,” yet these terms are used regularly for marketing.

There are solutions, and one of them is through Beautycounter. This brand has the core mission of getting safe chemical-free products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter is striving to educate you and me, empower each of us with the knowledge of using safe products, and produce safe everyday products to use.

Grace Iverson is a consultant for Beautycounter, click here to shop Beautycounter and check out our Skincare and Sunscreen Directory and Cosmetics Directory for more sustainable skin brands to love.

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