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Young Living - Only the best ingredients, no exceptions.

When looking for solid companies that are worth supporting, a good place to start is their inception. How and why a company began can say a lot about their principles and purpose. Young Living Essential Oils was started with others in mind, and that is the heart of kokua. Their vision is “to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle.” D. Gary Young who began Young Living saw the amazing ability that essential oils has to improve people’s lives, but no source that ensured only the most quality, unadulterated, and ethically-sourced oils. He set out to change this and the only way was to start a company that could see the process through from Seed to Seal. Young Living has their own farms in America and around the world, but the rigorous standards are the same for all and every employee whose hand is in the oil-making process is passionate about the earth and its bounty as well as mission of Young Living to help others. Young Living only uses the best of seeds that produce the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds. They cultivate the crops using responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods. In fact, many of the lands Young Living cultivates have never been touched by toxic pesticides, herbicides, or other careless farming practices. Their innovative distillation process involves techniques that ensure purity and preservation of the effective components. Finally, they demonstrate their dedication to integrity as each product is tested internally as well as by third-party labs to ensure superior oils that meet every standard before being shipped to consumers. They will not take shortcuts, or send out anything less than the highest quality, even if profits are sacrificed.

Success Off the Charts

Since 20 years ago, when Young Living was started, the company has grown tremendously and with this success the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation was formed. This nonprofit is “committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities.” One hundred percent of donations are able to go towards their carefully selected projects and partnerships. The foundation works to find long-term solutions, tools, and resources to serve impoverished people in Ecuador, Croatia, Uganda and elsewhere. They do what it takes, whether collaborating with other organizations already established, building a brand new orphanage or school, or donating their own harvested einkorn flour to flood victims to further their mission of bringing “life-changing benefits” to the world. The passion, honesty, and commitment to serving others makes Young Living Essential Oils a company worth mentioning. You can check out more for yourself HERE

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