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Krochet Kids - Empowering women, one beanie at a time.

Women Empowerment

Empower: to liberate, set free, unshackle; to make stronger and more confident. To empower another is an admirable task that could positively transform a life completely. Something as revolutionary as empowerment can require immense time, resources, and ability. But did you know the clothes you choose to buy and wear could empower another human like yourself? By making a conscious decision and a little change to something you already do, shopping, you could empower a woman in Peru to become an independent business owner. You could empower a mother in Uganda to send her children to high school. You could play a part in sparking a permanent change to the impoverished communities these women live in.

A Unique Story

Krochet Kids Intl. exists "to create lasting impact on the ground. We all work together to empower others.” They aren’t trying to start a style trend, create a name for themselves, or fill their pockets. Krochet Kids Intl. is a non-profit organization whose dream is to crush the cycle of poverty that many women are held in and empower them to be independent and confident financial supporters of their families. The three guys who started Krochet Kids Intl. took their knowledge of crochet, saw an opportunity to help impoverished people, and put the two together to create a powerful and effective program. This program, which initially began in Northern Uganda, started by teaching women to crochet, i.e. providing a stable job. It has since grown beyond providing jobs to also educating the women in business management, loaning, budgeting, etc. and mentoring them one-on-one to ensure their emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being and to guide them towards prosperous futures. The ultimate goal? At least 3 years of participation, then graduation from the program and resulting total independence from all outside aid, including Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids isn’t focused on itself, it’s about the people.

Addressing the REAL Needs

Krochet Kids Intl. takes their responsibility very seriously and want to be sure they are making a lasting impact on the people they work with. By carefully growing a holistic program and researching their community involvement they have seen measurable increases in income and savings, less abuse, more access to healthcare, more children in school, and increased gender equality. There are now 150 women involved in Krochet Kids Intl. of Northern Uganda and 38 women in Peru. These women are busy crocheting beanies, scarves, bags, and baby booties, and more recently in Peru, they have begun the Cut & Sew Initiative to create clean and simple styles in dresses and shirts. Every piece a woman completes she hand-signs so that you, the purchaser, will know exactly who worked on that item. You can go then go to the Krochet Kids website and look up the name to learn about that woman’s history and dreams for the future and even send her a thank you note if you’d like.

Learn More

Krochet Kids Intl. is a unique, yet powerful concept that is empowering lives right now. By purchasing your next hat or backpack or hoodie from Krochet Kids Intl. you will have a hand in supporting their amazing initiative and make an impact on a woman that could last generations. Because this is a not-for-profit business, all the sales profits simply go back towards funding over 80% of the operating costs allowing donations to go fully to supporting program initiatives. Be a part of the mission and shop Krochet Kids Intl. HERE!

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