Raw Elements - The Safer Sunscreen

Every summer for my entire life, my family has made the trip to Carpinteria, California for a week at our family beach house. There is nothing quite like it, running out of the car we just spent way too many hours in, throwing off our shoes, and running into the warm, soft sand for the first time since last year. We always make a point to dip our toes in the ocean to see what kind of water temperatures we will be braving this year before trudging back to the car to unload. Although family and years of memories certainly add to it, my love for the beach is deep. There is so much to do and something for everyone, from people-watching (always intriguing at the beach), sand castles, surfing the waves, catching sand crabs, or just reading a book while catching a tan. The fun is endless, but…so is the sun.

Our Good Sun

A central aspect of every good beach day is the warm sun shining down clear (for me at least, a rainy day at the beach doesn’t sound too great). So what else will you find in every beach bag, slathered on every kid’s face, that distinct chemical smell wafting across the shoreline? Sunscreen! Heaven forbid, you ever head to the beach without a bottle (or spray can ?!?) of sunscreen. We have been so bombarded with the message that t