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Break Down Walls - LA Style with Impact

People First

It is always exciting discovering new brands in the clothing world to add to our list of trusted companies-those who keep caring for others at their heart. The newest addition is a company which not only has ethical business practices, but also has an big heart for humanity. Founded in 2016, Break Down Walls has a mission to empower individuals with the message: "Overcoming against all odds. No matter how difficult the challenge, or how great the obstacle, you persevere.“ The name comes from their desire to encourage people to overcome life’s obstacles or “walls” and move forward in a purposeful and meaningful life. They design and sell sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats, influenced by LA style, that motivate people with this message. But Break Down Walls hasn’t just put inspiring words on clothes and called it enough. They solidify their message by carrying out their business with excellence. By ensuring everyone involved is looked after from the producers to the consumers they are asserting all people’s worth. They want to provide the best customer experience possible and so clothing pieces are ethically-sourced as well as crafted to look great, fit well, and provide excellent quality.

Give back to Kids Around the World

They not only build up people's lives with their own clothing pieces, but they also support others who are making positive change in the world. Break Down Walls extends their impact by donating 5% of their profits to an amazing organization called Kids Around the World. This is a non-profit organization that has existed since 1994. They build playgrounds and provide nutritious food for kids in areas that have been affected by war, disasters, injustice, or economic stress; places where hope has been lost and children’s need for play and creativity is missing. By providing these safe play spaces and meals they are investing in our world’s next generation and fostering their healthy social and physical development. Kids Around the World does some very cool projects to enhance the lives of children around the world and buying some sweet items from Break Down Walls can help even more children have hope and happiness.

Shop Here!

Break Down Walls is a company marked by integrity, generosity, and compassion. They are worth supporting because of their high standards and ambition to improve the lives’ of their customers in deeper ways than just style. Now you can buy their product with exclusive pricing right from World Changer Co., check it out HERE ! Go check out the Break Down Walls site at and find out more about the awesome projects Kids Around the World is doing at .

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