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Green Friday | Where to spend this year

Most of us wouldn’t say Black Friday affects our lives much. Some of us may spend more than we plan on when we participate in the #1 shopping day of America, but we wouldn’t say this makes a significant impact on how we live. For a retail company, it’s a different story. In fact, many retail companies lose money throughout the year, only to make it up again during Black Friday and the weeks following up to New Years. According to The Balance last year, retailers made $655 billion dollars in sales Black Friday. With over half a trillion dollars on the line, buying from only ethical companies during the holiday season could quickly flip the retail industry upside down.

Will you participate in having a conscious Christmas? Use the World Changer Co. directory and other trusted sites to shop, contact us for advice on where to buy specific products, and take a look at these great discounted gift items offered right here on the site!

20% off Hand-Painted Hanging Stars

20% off Silk Batik Scarf

20% off Half United Bullet Necklace

20% off Mata Traders Limited Edition Necklace

10% off Krochet Kids Beanie

20% off Embroidered Pillow cover

Don't forget to wrap them with recycled materials, check out this Pinterest board for inspiration HERE!

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