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Protect Ya Eyes! | Why you need polarized sunglasses

“Wearing sunglasses that do not provide enough UV protection may be as harmful as not wearing any at all.” .. Wait, hold up, what? It came as a shock to me when I was at the beach with my friend David, and he told me that looking through a dark lens causes your eyes to dilate, and allow in more UV rays. UV rays cause eye damage, and my precious retinas are obviously a part of my body I don’t want to mess around with. Sneaking a sugary cupcake every now and then is one thing, but not taking care of your eyes is a risk that’s never worth it! I’ve never been one to buy nice shades, because I’m not the best at, well, not-having-things-stolen-from-me. Is that a skill I was just born without? Anyway, $5 sunnies were my thing until I began shopping from only sustainable and fair trade brands. Then, when I knew I needed to look for glasses that promise at least the recommended 99 percent UVB and 95 percent UVA protection, I wanted to search for my new “go-to” brand.

Luckily, there’s quite a lot of high-quality sustainable sunglasses options to choose from, and you can find them on the Bags & Accessories Directory here on the site! The thing is, though, not all polarized (even better than your average UV protected lenses) shades are in my price range. This is the problem that led me to this brand called Blue Planet Eyewear. When I moved from Maui to Carpinteria, CA, I found Blue Planet Eyewear in just about every surf and retail shop on Linden Avenue and they checked every box. Recycled Materials. Ethically Made. Really Affordable. Polarized. CUTE. They also serve the mission to provide prescription glasses to kids around the world that don’t have access to any! Anyway, I have about five pairs now and I also have a discount code for you to use. Head to the site HERE to shop and use code KOKUA20 at checkout!

Lastly, because the HQ is here in Carpinteria I had the chance to check out the place and meet the staff. Here are a few questions I got to ask Matt the CEO, (He is SO cool!):

What’s something new and exciting that you guys have achieved recently?

So right now, additional to just giving back, we are starting up a program called Random Acts of Kindness, and we’re super excited about it, where we’re going to work with nonprofit charities in our community and volunteer our time and services to help them with whatever they need. So our first one is going to be with where we’re actually going to plant trees in Ojai, and then in May we’re working with the Best Day Foundation to help kids with disabilities have an incredible day at the beach.

Have you noticed people around you looking for environmentally friendly and socially conscious brand alternatives?

Always, I think as eco-friendly products have become more relevant in the marketplace, it has been something that people have been seeking out. And it actually would help them, they’re more inclined to purchase an eco friendly product as opposed to a not eco-friendly product.

Have you seen that rise recently?

It’s been on the rise for about two years now. I mean we’ve seen it in retail shops, we’ve seen it in conversations that we’ve had. People are just more aware, and they’re wanting to make better choices!

What’s your #1 motivation in working hard to see Blue Planet Eyewear grow?

To constantly be learning. Knowledge is power in any means. I am passionate about what I do and I want to continue to grow and learn about our industry, about what we do and how we can better impact our community.

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