But What Is Sustainability? | Let's cover the basics

Have you ever heard of living a sustainable lifestyle? or shopping sustainably? If not, you probably still have a good idea of what sustainability means. You’ve also probably never visited worldchangerco.com because “sustainable” is talked about a lot here. So, hello! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. Sustainability has recently become the alpha word for the growing movement of making better buying decisions. Sustainability simply means maintaining something at its current state. If our goal is to sustain social justice and a healthy environment, we are striving to prevent the current situation from getting any worse. (Recycling, zero-waste, and carbon neutral are all examples of sustainability initiatives). When I hear the word sustainable, I think "common sense." As in, "well duh we should try to stop things from getting worse." We need to stop polluting the ocean with plastics, we need to stop exploiting factory workers, we really super duper need to stop releasing carbon into the atmosphere. There's something we need to get straight in our heads.