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How to Host the Best Christmas Party | Sustainable Party Tips

It's the holiday party season! Most people will have a couple of parties to attend and maybe one or two to host, so I want to provide you with some quick tips on hosting the best one around. And by best, I mean best for the environment and people within the environment so without further ado:

how to create a sustainable Christmas party.


Before you head the dollar store or even the cutest Christmas shop in town, think about buying or borrowing second-hand decorations. Every thrift store will have every decor items you will need for Christmas at a fraction of the price you’ll find elsewhere. Check out the non-Christmas rows too, because you might just find your new favorite ribbons! Plants are my favorite way to decorate right now- try ganging plants, or plant walls, greenery, or winter greens. They all can look simple and festive, which is a beautiful combination for Christmas.


The easiest option to use would be plastic, one-time use fork, knives, and spoons. But there are other options and one that might be prettier and a longer lasting option. Use your real, daily-use things. Or if you want to go all out for this party, then get the gold set you received from your grandmother or wedding. Again I’d suggest the same idea for plates and cups. Don’t be afraid to use your real items or ask to borrow some pretty plates from your mom, friend or grandmother!


Christmas parties can be the best excuse to get your little black dress out or that thrifted ugly sweater! As the host, be clear on the dress code. Let your guests understand if it’s a formal party or a funny one. You could choose a dress code theme such as Christmas pajamas or a Christmas Gala! Have fun with different outfits; you could make an award for “best dressed”. If you’re wanting to buy a new outfit for the season look into the ethically made brands on the World Changer Co. sustainable brands directory. A few favorites are: Pact Organic, Eileen Fisher, and Bead and Reel. Or head to your local thrift store because there are stunning dresses waiting to be found for a few dollars. And never forget to loo in your own closet first. You may have the perfect outfit created with items you already own.


Head to the thrift store once again to invest in some cloth napkins because they can be so pretty and reusable! Or if thrifting is not your thing, that’s okay let me introduce you to a company that proudly knows where all their items are made: 31 Bits They’ve got the prettiest jewelry, but also all table setting things. Like this napkin set!


Local always wins. Stop by the farmers market and grab locally make bread and desserts. You might have luck and find your turkey, along with all the toppings too! Support local and get the freshest option when you buy from nearby markets. You can buy your vegetables fresh from the farmer’s fields, and all the bakery items were most likely baked in the last day!


I enjoy having at least one eye-catching object on the table or nearby when I host. That could be a number of items from vases that you have already in your cupboard or a stunning china platter at your mom’s. If you or someone you know doesn’t own an eye-catching piece that you want show off then check out these ethically made ideas:

Good luck with your next holiday party. Merry Christmas!
Grace Iverson lives in Calgary, Canada and loves all things lovely, sustainable, and good for people and the earth. Find ore great reads on her blog The Scoop Look Book

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