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My Deodorant Journey | The trick to natural deodorant

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me what deodorant I use… well maybe just four or five friends. I'm no beauty blogger, but I do know that so many of you are on the natural deodorant journey, and it seems that no one has the perfect deodorant advice.

I finally have found the answer for me, and I've been dying to share it with everyone and hear what people think. I believe our bodies get used to scents. Because of this, if you switch deodorants every 1-3 months, you’ll be the best smelling version of yourself you can be. Now this is at rumor status on the internet currently, and you’ll find mixed opinions on it. All I know is that since the first day I started rotating deodorants after my guy friend said it works miracles for him, the fear of stinking has been off my radar. Now I've been buying whatever natural deodorants are on sale, and making my own. Try rotating and let me know what you think, and check out my personal reviews on natural deodorants below:

[sorted from best to worst]

Homemade Stuff - First things first, homemade deodorant rocks! It’s a great way to reduce waste, eliminate shipping, and know exactly what ingredients are inside. (So many deodorants claim to be natural, but still have fragrance in them. None of these brands below do by the way). I will always have a homemade deodorant in my rotation. Find great deodorant recipes online, here’s a great one from Wellness Mama: 3 teaspoons coconut oil + 3 teaspoons baking soda + 2 teaspoons shea butter + 2 teaspoons arrowroot powder or cornstarch + your favorite essential oils.

Meow Meow Tweet "Grapefruit" - Eco packaging, refillable, fun branding, baking soda free option, works all day... I am a huge fan of Meow Meow Tweet, and a lot of my friends are too. I can't get over their scents and branding, seriously. Since they're a winner, I might as well link them here.

Grapeseed Co. “Surf” - I found Grapeseed Co. from living in Santa Barbara, California. I had to give this local company a shot and the results blew my mind. The scent was great, I felt like the oils had some great properties other deodorants are missing, and I never got a whiff of BO with it on until I forgot to rotate out of it for about two months. In hot temperatures it got so melty that I actually used my finger to apply it, so if that sounds like a nuisance than you may not appreciate this option as much as I did.

Schmidt’s "Charcoal" - I eat, drink, and breathe charcoal. No actually though, charcoal ice cream, charcoal lemonade, charcoal toothpaste, charcoal cleaner, charcoal deodorant! To this day I still haven’t smelled bad when wearing this deodorant, I’m impressed. The problem is that I can’t wear it with a tank top. Since it is a pasty deodorant, it can clump and it’s not cute.

Schmidt’s “Waves” - Schmidt’s is one of my favorite deodorants, and the Waves scent is SO me and has the cutest label! I actually loved this scent so much, that I’ve looked for beachy scents from other brands just to compare. Warning, Schmidt’s uses baking soda and your skin could be sensitive to it.

Papr "Unscented" - I was excited about the paper packaging and got the unscented because it didn't have baking soda, which I'm sensitive to. It worked pretty great, but has a faint odd smell. I gave a scented version to my boyfriend and he loved it, but I didn't. I kept catching him with globby pits, so I'd say avoid this brand if shaving your pits isn't part of the routine.

Crystal Roll-on - I had heard that the crystals you see in the deodorant section actually work, so…. I snagged Crystal Roll-on. Yes, I still don’t trust a crystal to keep me fresh, but this option worked so well that I believe the mineral properties of crystal can really work. It only failed a few days, beach days or morning workouts that didn’t leave me time to shower till later at night. I was always excited for Crystal’s turn in my rotation because it was a liquid instead of a paste, so you couldn’t see it after sweating.

Crystal Spray “Lavender” - The Crystal spray worked just as well, and was perfect to keep in my bag to reapply when a shower was nowhere in my near future. I must be honest though, this spray made me smell like a baby’s bottom. I’d avoid the lavender scent!

Myro “Chill Wave” - I was so excited to find out about Myro. Myro sells deodorant in a reusable case, so when you run out you can order a refill online. Well this brand turned out to have the most negative environmental impact of all my purchases. I still am a fan of Myro for their good intention and fun marketing, but this formula didn’t work well enough for me to rebuy. Now I’m about to throw away a very thick plastic case, and I can’t ignore the fact that Myro isn’t on shelves yet so it has to be shipped, causing a bigger impact on the earth.

Native “Lavender Rose” - Native didn’t work long for me, so it’s turn in my rotation always had to be short. From all the hype and the high price, my expectations were pretty high and this choice left me disappointed and slightly smelly.

pHresh “Tropical Blossom” - The concept of pHresh was certainly attention-grabbing. It sounded like a new idea, a “solution” to BO. pHresh was created to not just mask stink but provide prebiotic minerals for your pits. Ironically, of all the deodorants I tried, this one didn’t even work day one. Maybe that’s because it is baking soda and charcoal free, the two ingredients I’ve found to work best. This became my deodorant for cold days.. meaning I tried my best to just use it up.

Own Beauty by Every Man Jack "Citrus" - I don't think this worked the very first time I used it. It smells great, but who knows the reason why it really did nothing! I had high hopes too, since I know a lot of people use the Every Man Jack deodorant.

Tom’s “Long Lasting” - Every time I hear “Yes I tried natural deodorant and it didn’t work at all,” I follow up with “Let me guess, you used Tom’s.” Tom’s has great products, but no one likes their deodorant and most grocery stores flood their shelves with it. Other Tom’s products don’t even have good ingredients! Check out some of their clean options, but don’t trust with out checking the ingredients first.

Don’t forget to try rotating if you're disappointed by the natural choices you've tried, and let me know how it goes! I’d love to know your favorite deodorant scent as well, comment below or send a note over to

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