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Elevate Your Street Style | Urban Trends in Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Written By Jovelle Lucas, WC Team Member | September 15, 2023

When it comes to sustainable fashion, it's fun to strike a balance between style and ethics. There is the misconception that sustainable fashion is often limited to a minimalist or "modern monk" aesthetic. But if your style leans towards timeless trendy silhouettes and street-style, you're in for a treat.

a girl in a flowers field, wearing sustainable and ethical sage set with eco-friendly materials

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into four remarkable brands that beautifully exemplify this balance. Whether you're a streetwear enthusiast or an urban chic devotee, sustainability can be your style statement.

Welcome to a world where fashion meets consciousness, and every purchase makes a positive impact.

Brand #1 - GRL Swirl: Empowering Through Skateboarding

GRL Swirl is more than just a fashion brand; it's a movement that unites people worldwide through the exhilarating art of skateboarding.

two skater girls from GRL Swirl ethical skate brand with urban style

Here's why you should explore their collections:

Fair Trade and USA Made: GRL Swirl prioritizes fair trade practices, ensuring that their apparel is ethically crafted right here in the USA.

Recycled and Organic Materials: Their commitment to eco-friendliness shines through their use of recycled and organic materials, reducing environmental impact.

Give Back: Beyond fashion, GRL Swirl empowers communities through skateboarding and social work, making every purchase count.

Brand #2 - Rat Boi: High-Quality Basics with a Conscience

Rat Boi, a small female-owned business, specializes in high-quality, coquette style, ethically made cotton basics and apparel. Here's why they stand out:

a girl sitting in the bathroom with green undies from Rat Boi, a small female-owned business, specializes in high-quality, coquette style, ethically made cotton basics and apparel

Timeless Design: Rat Boi crafts pieces meant to be cherished, transcending fleeting trends. Their inclusive sizing caters to every body type.

Ethical Production: Every Rat Boi piece is thoughtfully crafted in small batches in Ventura, CA, ensuring fair wages and uncompromising quality.

Transparency: They are committed to transparency in their practices and pricing, making ethically made fashion accessible to all.

Link to Rat Boi's collection. Use code "WORLDCHANGER10" for 10% off purchase!

Brand #3 - Reformation: Sustainability Meets High Fashion

From a small LA vintage shop in 2009, Reformation has grown into a sustainable fashion leader that epitomizes the union of sustainable fashion and high style. Crafting effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine form while pioneering eco-friendly practices, here's what sets them apart:

two grils wearing feminie dresses from Reformation, a sustainable brand celebrating chic silhouettes and empowering women

Ethical Manufacturing: Reformation is dedicated to ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair labor practices across the board.

Recycled and Organic Materials: They prioritize recycled and organic materials, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Size Inclusivity: Reformation's range embraces diverse body types, championing inclusivity.

Carbon Conscious: As leaders in carbon-conscious fashion, Reformation calculates and mitigates their carbon footprint.

Brand #4 - Broken Planet Market: Ethical Streetwear

For those who swear by streetwear basics, Broken Planet Market offers more than just style. Here's why they deserve your attention:

a girl with headphones, wearing a street-style outfit from Broken Planet Market, a sustainable brand making recycled and GOTS certified organic clothes, ethically produced for streewear basics.

Ethical Production: Every garment from Broken Planet Market is ethically produced, ensuring fair working conditions for all involved.

Recycled and GOTS Certified Organic Materials: Their commitment to recycled and GOTS certified organic materials reduces their environmental footprint.

PETA Certified Vegan: All their products are vegan-friendly, championing cruelty-free fashion.

Broken Planet Foundation: In 2021, they established the Broken Planet Foundation to ensure their resources are used effectively and responsibly.

Upcoming Missions: Broken Planet Market plans to conduct 1-2 missions annually to aid vulnerable communities worldwide, actively participating in driving positive change.

Directory of Urban Apparel: Explore More Sustainable Fashion

If you're eager to expand your sustainable urban fashion wardrobe further, our directory of urban apparel is your ultimate resource. Dive into a world of brands and styles that expertly blend trendsetting designs with eco-conscious practices.

In this directory, you'll uncover options from various brands that prioritize ethical production, eco-friendly materials, and groundbreaking sustainable initiatives. Whether you're on the hunt for streetwear, athleisure, or urban chic, our directory has you covered.

Why Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Before we wrap up this exploration of sustainable street style, let's delve deeper into why choosing sustainable fashion is not just a trend but a conscious choice that impacts the world positively.

Fast fashion has long dominated the fashion industry, churning out low-quality, disposable clothing that harms the environment and exploits labor. The result? An immense environmental and public health toll being paid, with 60% of these fast fashion items being discarded within a year, many unworn or barely used.

Contrast this with sustainable fashion, where every step is carefully considered. From using recycled and GOTS certified organic materials to ensuring ethical working conditions and cruelty-free practices, sustainable fashion is a commitment to doing things right. But why should you care? Here are some reasons:

Environmental Impact: The apparel and textile sector is the fourth biggest contributor to global pollution and waste. Sustainable fashion seeks to minimize this impact through responsible production practices.

Ethical Labor: In fast fashion, workers are often subjected to exploitative conditions. Sustainable fashion brands prioritize fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for labor rights.

Quality Over Quantity: Sustainable fashion encourages you to invest in pieces that last, reducing the cycle of buying and discarding clothing.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Brands like Reformation calculate and offset their carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.

Inclusivity: Many sustainable brands, including Rat Boi and Reformation, embrace diverse body types, making fashion accessible to all.

Cost of Cheap Fashion: While sustainable products may sometimes cost more, they reflect the true cost of ethical and eco-friendly production. Fast fashion's cheap prices often hide hidden costs in the form of labor exploitation and low-quality materials.

A Real Impact: Sustainability isn't a buzzword for these brands; it's a genuine commitment to creating a positive impact on the world, not just a marketing strategy.

Conclusion: Your Stylish Journey Towards Sustainability

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, sustainability isn't a trend—it's a necessity. These four brands, GRL Swirl, Rat Boi, Reformation, and Broken Planet Market, have made it their mission to redefine street style by infusing it with ethics, consciousness, and responsibility. Every piece of clothing you choose can be a statement of your commitment to a better world.

But the journey doesn't stop here. In our directory of urban apparel, you'll discover a plethora of sustainable options that cater to various tastes and styles. Whether you're drawn to timeless silhouettes, vibrant street style, or classic urban chic, there's a sustainable brand out there for you.

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