"But ethical fashion is so expensive!" | Rethink Shopping

Maybe you’ve noticed the dollar signs on the sustainable brand directories here on the World Changer Co. site, and maybe you’ve noticed me talking about money a little more than usual. The goal of World Changer Co. is to make shopping sustainable brands easier. This includes providing solutions to any issues that might get in the way of you buying fair trade and earth friendly products. So what’s the No.1 issue people bring up? Give it a guess!

Money is a big factor on the road to living sustainably, and I’m on your side about it. I don’t want you to be spending all your money on clothes and food. Your money should be saved for people and experiences. So here I am, not sweeping this issue under the rug.

From my experience, the top reason people say they can’t buy from sustainable brands is because they can’t afford it, but actually all I see is people’s need for convenience, and people’s want for trendy items. Many are purchasing from Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, Nike, etc. which cost the same as lots of sustainable brands. Maybe I recognize people saying one thing and doing another because I’ve been there. I still act on impulses and/or want to try things on and/or want to eat, drink and wear what the cool kids are eating, drinking and wearing... Though, the more I practice shopping ethically the less and less I’ve become that way.